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Advertising on Escalators

Aap!Global provides the technology and means to utilize escalators for advertising and branding with unique and simply solutions that can be easily applied to existing escalator steps, handrails, banisters, exteriors and more.

An Overview of Advertising On Escalators

Escalators are consumer focal points usually located on main points of pedestrian traffic. Servicing thousands of daily riders, escalators provide a unique, long lasting point of interaction for global brands, advertisers and messages with urban individuals. From Aap!Rails - our line of branded handrails, to Aap!Steps - out line of escalator step graphics, to exterior side paneling, advanced floor graphics and more, Aap!Global provides custom, developed solutions to allow messaging to interact with individuals in fun, safe, and unique ways. Aap!Global escalator advertising solutions can usually be installed with little or no machine modification. Limited only by our imagination, Aap!Global can provide custom, high end beautiful solutions for global marketers and media owners.

Why Advertising on Escalators?

Benefits to Advertisers using Escalator Step Advertising

Examples of Advertising on Escalators

Aap!Global has experience implementing campaigns globally for clients of various sizes. Limited only by creativity, advertisers, brand managers can utilize Aap!Global's easily applied adhesive technologies to brand escalators in a variety of fun and impactful ways. From handrails, to steps, to panels - there is no limit.

Easily Existing Brand Escalator Steps with Aap!Steps

Easily Existing Brand Escalator Handrails with Aap!Rails

External Sidepanels Provide An Additional Source of Branding Space

Stationary Steps Can Also Be Branded for Additional Impact.

Escalator Entrance Pads Can Also Be Branded for Additional Impact.

Escalator Bannisters Also Add Beautiful Creative Space

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